Professional or Home Kit

Peels can be done by an experienced professional or at home with a do it yourself (DIY) kit. Which option you decide to go with is largely a matter of personal choice. The majority of people will only have a need for mild to medium peels, because the chemicals will have enough strength to do the job and produce good results.

If you are going to go to a professional, expect to spend around $100 to $300 per session. The amount you pay will depend on the type of peels you are having, and the severity of your particular skin condition. However, there is a lot of comfort in not worrying about the procedure being done right.

Home versions of the chemical peel will also offer you a choice between various acid mixtures with concentrations of 15% to 40% on average. Doing it on your own involves greater risks, because you could easily miss a step or do something wrong that causes further injury to your skin. On the other hand, as long as you are able to follow instructions, you should be able to have a good result with home chemical peels.

Desired Results

If all goes well after your chemical peel procedure, you should experience the wonderful feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing a whole new face. You will no longer have to live with those discolored blotches or scars. Your wrinkles and fine lines will be replaced by smooth and soft skin. Your skin texture problems will be greatly reduced so that you will no longer feel self-conscious while in public. These are all positive results made possible by chemical peels.

The final results that you get from a peel is the most important thing, and if you are comfortable with going through the inconvenience and uncomfortable physical sensations associated with peels, then it may all be worth it in exchange for the joy of having completely rejuvenated skin.

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