Becker MD Ultimate Moisture & Facelift Review

Developed by leading plastic surgeon, Dr Hilton Becker MD of Boca Raton Florida, we tested 2 duo sets.

The key product for Becker MD is his Moisturizer which is unique, natural, patent pending and very effective. The moisturizer delivers a super dose of active Hyaluronic Acid in a natural oil base that should not clog the pores.

Both the Ultimate Moisturizer and Facelift Packs contain this new moisturizer.

The Ultimate Moisturizer pack also comes with a natural cream which itself is very unique as it contains almost all natural ingredients. Normally creams contain a chemical emulsifier but this new moisturizers totally natural emulsifier is a step forward in skin care formulations.

BeckerMD moisturizer

We gave the Ultimate Moisturizer sets to a 28 year old, 35 year old and 52 year old. All three came back with glowing results so we can give this product a big thumbs up! 4.5 out 5.

We are testing the Ultimate Facelift Pack – it comes with a Glycolic Exfoliation Serum and we will post on this next.

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