At Home Microdermabrasion: Comparable to a professional treatment?

At home microdermabrasion treatments have been around for several years now. A must-have skin care item for today’s busy women who have no time to relax at the spa or sit through a professional skin care treatment. The good news is that at home microdermabrasion products have come a long way since their introduction and can provide some amazing results for anti-aging, age prevention, and creating a luminous even skin tone. has offered at home treatments for years now and have recently added to their microdermabrasion line up with the Refinex Resurface and Rejuvenate: Home Spa Set.

Several types of at home microdermabrasion products are available on the market. They range from gels, creams, and even electrical devices to buff away dead skin. The main purpose for all of these options is to provide a very thorough exfoliation for the skin. This results in an increase in cell turnover, healthy cell renewal, and collagen and elastin production, just to name a few. Users also benefit from unclogged pores, a reduction of blackheads, a more even skin tone, smoother skin texture, and overall healthy glow to the skin. Thorough exfoliation also allows the other treatment products that follow (moisturizers, serums, etc.) to penetrate deeper for better results and the need to use less product.  The Refinex Resurface and Rejuvenate: Home Spa Set focusses on this benefit by combining a scrub and powerful anti-aging serum for ultimate at-home results.

Professional microdermabrasion treatments use large machines that essentially spray the skin with very fine crystals for a polishing effect. Those crystals are then vacuumed up, along with the dead skin cells and debris.  The machines commonly use aluminum oxide crystals, sodium chloride or magnesium crystals, or sometimes even a diamond tipped applicator.  The aluminum oxide crystals used in the microdermabrasion machines are often the same exact crystals that are used in at-home microdermabrasion products, making the at-home treatments nearly equally as effective as a professional treatment.

Overall, professional machines are able to penetrate deeper into the skin because the operator can adjust the amount of exfoliation that is achieved. Aggressive professional treatments can result in days of recovery time, redness, and visible peeling, making going out in public difficult for 1-3 days. Most at-home microdermabrasion treatments are not this aggressive and do not run the same risk of downtime while the skin recovers from the treatment. It is also important to keep in mind that professional treatments must be performed in a series for best results. This is important to consider when determining whether or not a professional or at-home treatment is best for you.  If you do decide to skip the pricey spa procedure and pamper yourself instead, then we recommend the Refinex Resurface and Rejuvenate: Home Spa Set.

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